Shipping & Delivery: From Vermont to Your Door


Though Vermont Plank Flooring is based in – you guessed it – Vermont, our flooring can be found in homes across the United States, as well as in Canada, and beyond. Our New England home-base gives us unparalleled access to the sustainably harvested trees we utilize for our products. But once those trees are milled into our beautiful, wide, hardwood flooring planks, we are ready and able to pack them up and ship them to wherever your project is. Here’s how that process works.

Planning And Know-How

Moving hundreds or thousands of pounds of flooring safely and efficiently requires know-how and planning. But with 30 years under our belts, we’ve got it down to a science. When your floor goes into the final steps of the production process, your Production Coordinator reaches out to discuss the shipping schedule. We know you are probably anxious to see the finished product, but it is important that you and your job site are ready to receive it.


Firstly, we’ll discuss the details of your job site. We’ll want to know the logistics; not just the address, but the situation on the ground. Is it urban or rural; a construction zone or a pristine suburban neighborhood? Can a tractor-trailer get close, and have room for unloading, turning around, and departing? If not, we might need to plan for taking delivery at a remote site and then shuttling the flooring in a smaller vehicle. 

We’ll also discuss your (or your builder’s) responsibilities for receiving the shipment. If you're in the northeast, we’ll most likely transport your flooring via a private shipper. If your site is further afield, we’ll ship via a common carrier. Some private shippers will provide "curbside" delivery (meaning they'll unload the flooring off the truck and leave it curbside), whereas others will not. All common carriers will expect the recipient (you) to unload the delivery from the truck. In either case, you or your builder will need a crew (or a forklift) ready to move the flooring from the truck or curb into the worksite. Don't worry, we'll work through all these details with you as we move through the process. 

If you are overseas, we can accommodate that, as well; just let us know.

Packaging for Protection

Back at Vermont Plank Flooring, after your flooring has been milled, sanded, and the finish coats have been applied (assuming you’ve ordered them pre-finished), we’ll carefully stack the planks on pallets, label them with your name and delivery notes, and then package them for the trip. 

Our packaging process takes into consideration the worst-case scenarios, so we go to great lengths to make sure your flooring is protected from damage that can occur while in transit, as well as from exposure to moisture. All Common Carrier orders are shrink wrapped in plastic by hand, and then banded and crated to minimize movement and ward off potential contact with outside objects.

Vermont Plank Flooring - Shipping Preparation

Vermont Plank Flooring - Shipping Flooring on Truck


The Hand-Off

On the mutually agreed upon shipping date, you’ll receive word when the truck has departed our mill and be given at least 24 hours notice of the approximate arrival timeframe so your crew can be ready and waiting when the truck pulls up. Inside at the jobsite, you’ll need space cleared and ready for the flooring to be brought for acclimation. (Read more about acclimation here.) You’ll want to unpack the flooring and stack the planks with stickers to allow air circulation on all sides. This is also the moment when you can run you hands and eyes over the planks, getting a tangible sense of the beautiful floor on which you will soon be walking.